Friday, 17 June 2011

New Shows : Just Confirmed

Dan Mangan + supports. The Duchess, York. Tues. 6th Sept. 7.30pm, £7adv/£9otd

Signed to Canada's premier independent record label, Arts And Crafts (home to such acts as Broken Social Scene, Feist and Stars) and winner of The Canadian Broadcast Corporation's 'Best Song' and 'Best Vocals' awards in 2009, Dan Mangan is rapidly becoming a major force in the Canadian music scene.

Dan is a roots'y singer-songwriter with a difference, his ability to experiment and transcend genres is what makes him so special and very much at home on the label. Well, that and the great songs! 'Nice, Nice, Very Nice' is a wonderful record, echoing the imagination of acts like Clem Snide and Wilco. With a new record on the horizon and a bunch of top festival appearances in the summer, this is the perfect time to dip your toe into Dan's world. You won't regret it.

The diversity of Dan’s collaborators has no doubt influenced the versatility of his writing. He has shared stages with everyone from Holy F*ck, Broken Social Scene and Julian Casablancas to Sarah Harmer, Horse Feathers and The Broken Family Band. “There’s something to be said for running from pigeonholes,” says Mangan of creative process. “I love the fact that innovators like Radiohead and Wilco have never made the same album twice. Or that Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear can play a sarong-wrapped folk-fest in Northern California, or just as easily to hip kids in French bars.”

'In the crowded male singer-songwriter genre, he brings something different: a quirky, witty, observational style coupled with a slow-burning, emotional intensity…an album of offbeat, thoughtful, funny and understated gems.'
The Guardian (4/5 Stars)

'This folk singer may only be 23, but he sings with the soul of Woody Guthrie – if Woody Guthrie had listened to Godspeed (You Black Emperor)'

Dan Mangan - Road Regrets from File Under: Music on Vimeo.

You can buy tickets online here

Herman Dune + supports. The Duchess, York. Tues. 18th Oct.
7.30pm. £10adv/£12otd

Herman Düne, also known, since 2005, as Herman Dune (without the ü), is a Rock & Roll Duo. The line-up for Herman Dune is now (as in 2011) 1/David-Ivar Herman Dune: Voice, Song-Writing and Guitars. David-Ivar is most of the time called Yaya Herman Dune or just Yaya. 2/Néman Herman Dune: Drums and some backing vocals. Néman is now known as Cosmic Néman

Herman Dune started their career internationally, thanks to UK DJ John Peel who played them a lot and invIted them to something like 10 Peel Sessions.

Until 2006 they gained a cult status by touring across the world intensively and releasing a lot of music through independent, punk, DIY or Underground Record labels. They have toured with their friends KIMYA DAWSON, JEFFREY LEWIS, JULIE DOIRON and have also been chosen by JOLIE HOLLAND, ARCADE FIRE or THE KOOKS to open tours for them.

In 2006, the release of 'Giant' (Source etc./Virgin) coincides with the band becoming a duo, with André taking leave. Giant propels Herman Dune to a wider recognition. They soon record and release 'Next Year In Zion'.

In 2010, Herman Dune cut loose of all previous bonds to start their own Record Company, Strange Moosic. They go record new material in Portland,Oregon with Adam Selzer and release their new songs in an album, also called 'Strange Moosic' (Strange Moosic/G.U.M/City Slang/Fortuna Pop)

'Strange Moosic' is a new start for Herman Dune, and 'Tell Me Something I Don't Know', the first single, announces change with a video featuring a young runaway Yeti and actor John Hamm from Mad Men. Herman Dune will intensively tour through 2011 and 2012, with the most simple line-up, often just core duo Yaya and Cosmic Néman, but also with Bass Player Ben Pleng.

'Strange Moosic' was recorded by Adam Selzer, in Portland, OR. Who's previous worked with M.Ward, The Decemberists, Little Wings, She & Him and many more at his Type Foundry studio. Adam and Herman Dune had spent nights listening to The Beatles and Neil Young together before, so somehow the Dune really trust him with their life.

From the sound-waves of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”, to the Choir of “Ah Hears Strange Moosic”, from the crisp guitar solo of “Your Love Is Gold” to the Nashville-style pedal steel of “In The Long Long Run”, from the eerie harpsichord theme of “Where Is The Man?” to the joyful groove of “The Rock”, each and every song has its own little musical story to tell. And so do the lyrics, from the light-hearted spirit of “Be A Doll And Take My Heart” to the cryptic “Magician”, and from the faithful Love in “The Rock” to the romantic “Lay Your Head On My Chest”.

Portland was the perfect town for Herman Dune to record Strange Moosic, as many of their musician friends live there and were willing to partcipate in the making with their gifts, like Rachel Blumberg and Sean Flinn’s amazing singing on many tracks. Everybody worked together in the studio, and focused on making the song itself shine, everybody involved in making the melodies the grooves and the themes cut through. All crafts were used to make rich compositions out of the tunes without hiding any of the beauty of a simple song, played on an acoustic guitar, just the way they were conceived.

Herman Dune - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (official video, long version) from City Slang on Vimeo.

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