Seamus Fogarty
Arblaster DePlume + Luke Saxton
 The Basement, York
Wednesday 22nd November, 7.30pm

Irish alt-folk and electronica alchemist Seamus Fogarty will release his new album The Curious Hand on October 6th. It is his first for Domino and follows his debut full-length God Damn You Mountain (Fence/Lost Map) and 2015’s EP Ducks and Drakes.

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Originally from County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, Fogarty now resides in London, and the capital provides the canvas forThe Curious Hand. Fogarty’s method of lifting sounds wholesale from his environment and tucking them into the folds of his songs like keepsakes, renders himself at once, artist and archivist as well as twisting the notion of the folk singer’s role as collector and custodian of stories, traditions and cultural curio.

The Curious Hand was produced by Seamus and Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Wild Beasts) who also plays on the album. Other notable players include Emma Smith on a plethora of instruments (violin, clarinet, bass to name a few), Rozi Plain (backing vocals), Aram Zarikian (drums) and Seamus’ brother John Fogarty (accordion).

Tickets for these shows are £7 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


Peggy Seeger and Family
‘The First Time Ever’ UK Concert Tour
The Crescent, York
Monday 27th November, 7.30pm

Peggy Seeger and Family - ‘The First Time Ever’ UK Concert Tour

“Each first time ever is the last time that that first time ever will happen. The first time I die will be the last time I live. I was born joyful. This is the first and last time I will write my life.” Peggy Seeger, from ‘The First Time Ever: A Memoir

To coincide with the publication of her memoir (Faber & Faber, Oct 5th) and accompanying CD, singer songwriter and feminist icon Peggy Seeger will take to the road this autumn for a 20-date UK concert and literary festival tour. At 82 she is the undisputed queen of folk and political song with a charisma that shines as brightly as ever.

Concerts will feature Peggy and family members performing her and Ewan MacColl’s most treasured songs from a career spanning over 60 years interspersed with readings from her memoir and plenty of whip-smart banter.

Peggy has always had the ability to take an audience from laughter to tears and back again in the space of a few songs. Her memoir achieves the same in just a few paragraphs. Put the two together and it’s guaranteed to be a memorable night.

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The Seeger MacColl family are one of folk music’s most loved dynasties. Singer, songwriter and feminist icon Peggy Seeger performs with Neill and Calum, her sons with Ewan MacColl. Join these three exceptional musicians for a gloriously relaxed evening of great music and witty family banter. Expect to hear songs of love, politics and storytelling, including some from Peggy’s award-winning latest album alongside Ewan MacColl’s best loved songs. This is an intimate evening with a remarkable family that will linger long in the memory. 


“Peggy may be folk royalty, but there’s nothing either reverent or nostalgic about this joyous performance”
The Guardian

“A memorable warm and charming evening of great music,
family humour and grace.”
Irish World

The Times

“An effortlessly intimate affair”
The Scotsman

Tickets for this shows is £18 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


Euros Childs
Ed Dowie
Wharf Chambers, Leeds.
Tuesday 28th November, 7.30pm

Euros Childs is a solo artist hailing from Pembrokeshire south Wales.

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Having fronted the band Gorky's Zygotic Mynci from 1991 until 2004, Euros went solo and has released 12 solo albums to date – the last 9 having been released on Euros' own National Elf label ''I set up my own record label so that I could never be dropped'' says Euros ''I'm on the label for life''.

His lastest album 'House Arrest' is due out on the 17th November on National Elf. It was recorded by Stephen Black (aka Sweet Baboo) and Euros at Gus' Dungeon II in Cardiff. The albums includes an ode to a colander (My Colander), the joys of being in a coma (Happy Coma) cannibals dining at an all you can eat restaurant (Crystal and Misty) as well as directions to a whist drive (Whist Drive). Euros plays all the instruments himself: ''I think around 12 or so keyboards were used in the end. Mostly brought in carboot sales and charity shops. One was found in a skip. They'd been hanging round the house for a long time – it was good to put them to use.''

Euros will be embarking on his first UK tour in two years around the release of House Arrest. In recent year's Euros has toured with a band but this time round things will be different ''It'll be a keyboards and drum machine set up. Which will give me the chance to play material I've never played live before - more of the synthesizers based stuff. There'll be two of us onstage. I'm very much looking forward to it.''

Tickets for this show are £10 in advance.

 You can buy them from Jumbo Records in person or online form here.

Wharf Chambers is a Co-oporative club...


PPY Christmas Party w/
Schwervon!, The Cornshed Sisters
The Magic Words + DJ Need-A-Stack
The Fulford Arms, York
Friday 1st December, 7.30pm

All the stops removed. Triple bill of the highest order with Bob Nastanovich from Pavement playing records til 2am. Only a fiver and it's a Friday night so no excuses ya hear? Good.


Is a two piece American rock band. Nan plays drums. Matt plays guitar. They both sing. Their band name is a warped variation of an urban slang, meaning: “to do something well in one’s own way or in a unique manner, usually involving members of the opposite sex.” Their music is an expression of imperfect love through jagged rock minimalism. Schwervon have released six albums and four 7 inches. Their latest recording is a 7" out on Brokers Tip Records (a label run by Bob Nastanovich of Pavement, Silver Jews) It was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee with Doug Easley (Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Grifters). Schwervon! have toured the world and shared stages with The Vaselines, Guided by Voices, Belle and Sebastian, The Wedding Present, Kimya Dawson, Speedy Ortiz, R. Ring (Kelley Deal), Jeffrey Lewis, Wussy, and many other luminaries.

'Schwervon’s music is so original, inspiring, and full of dark humour. I just love it!!'

 Frances McKee (The Vaselines)

'I’m not sure how just two people manage to make such a big sound!'

 David Gedge (The Wedding Present/Cinerama)

The Cornshed Sisters

The Cornshed Sisters are Jennie Brewis, Cath Stephens, Liz Corney and Marie Nixon; four singer-songwriters based in Tyne and Wear, who weave together pop, folk, ballad and protest music into a unique and distinctive style. Each of the band members have contributed their songwriting talents to Honey & Tar, the Cornshed Sisters’ second album released on Memphis Industries on November 3rd 2017. It was recorded and produced by Peter Brewis at Field Music’s Studio on the banks of the river Wear.

The Magic Words

Lisa from Cincinnati wonders Wussy new solo project.

DJ Need-A-Stack

Bob Nastanovich from indie legends Pavement will be DJing 11pm-2am for your dancing pleasure.

Tickets for this show are £5 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


 David Thomas Broughton
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Tuesday 5th December, 7.30pm
'Straddling the line between music hall turn and avant-garde performance artist, Broughton’s live show is not to be missed.'

'Broughton’s live shows are miniature spectacles… He layers sounds in slightly haphazard ways, as though his songs weren’t so holy that he couldn’t subject them to chance.'

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David’s songwriting and delivery is rooted in the rugged countryside and industrial towns of the North of England, and strives to fathom the universal themes of love, death and the awkwardness of being human.

Broughton continues to produce records which delightfully interweave layers of beauty and discomfort. He has not stopped his loops from including the glitches and mistakes.

Live he remains sometimes unsettling, potentially confrontational, at risk of it falling apart yet somehow in control.

For those with patience, a performer that can reward with great moments of beauty or comedic delight.

Crippling Lack, David's brilliant, sprawling triple album release from 2016, was made with French producer Raphaëlle Duquesnoy (Le Noize Maker), while David was living in Pyongyang, North Korea, exchanging evolving mixes via email. From a distance, French musicians added percussion and cello and David sent back more of his own parts. The album also features contributions from Aidan Moffat, Jordan Geiger (Hospital Ships), Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Luke Drozd, Rachael Dadd and Ichi, David’s brother Daniel, and piano parts recorded in Pyongyang.

David interviewed in The List: “The record is about discomfort and trying to reconcile conflicting elements of the human condition, to eventually come to terms with the awkwardness of life.”

Tickets for this show are £8 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


Pictish Trail
'Winter Acid Reflux Tour' 
The Crescent, York
Tuesday 12th December, 7.30pm

After a fervently busy summer which included triumphant appearance at festivals including Field Day, Glastonbury, Green Man and Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fling, and was capped with a shortlisting for the Scottish Album of the Year Award by popular vote, Isle of Eigg-based Scottish DIY electronic folk-tinged croft pop sonic hermit and Lost Map Records founder and director Johnny Lynch AKA Pictish Trail looks ahead to the cold season with the Winter Rewind Acid Reflux Tour. A self-styled “intimate yuletide Eigg-nog of Hebridean Casio folk, with stripped back, twisted and blissed out regurgitations of ol’ Pictish Trail favourites” it’ll take in a clutch of dates up and down the UK, and feature Johnny performing as a three-piece together with multi-instrumentalists Suse Bear (Tuff Love) and John B. McKenna from Monoganon, who also be the tour support.

It’s the latest round of tour dates in support of Pictish Trail’s critically garlanded third album Future Echoes, which came out in September 2016 on Lost Map Records with distribution courtesy of Caroline International. Future Echoes earned ★★★★ reviews from MOJO, Uncut, Clash, The Arts Desk and The Scotsman among others. Pictish Trail’s bonkers epic video for the track ‘After Life’ was hailed by The Guardian as “a warped myriad of apocalyptic symbolism... brilliant”.

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To introduce the Winter Rewind Acid Reflux Tour in his own words, here’s Johnny...

“Hi. Pictish Trail, here.

“Hey, look at that photo up there. That’s me. I’m regurgitating. Weird pink stuff is coming out of my mouth. It’s spilling over my beard. Don’t panic, though. It’s merely a visual representation of a compulsion to expel something within me. I’m quite literally bringing stuff back up from inside. But, what exactly does the thick, milky-pink heartburn medication I’m spewing represent? MY BEAUTIFUL SONGS, of course.

“Last year I released an LP called Future Echoes, which was conceived and delivered as a big, epic sounding album. One publication described it as “space-disco-wonk-pop”, pretty much what I was aiming for (unless their description was a one-letter-shy misprint). It was designed to be bold, and colourful, and loud. Over the past 12 months I’ve been performing on stages wearing a multi-coloured silk poncho, covering my face in glitter, and accompanied by a full-band in skin-tight, soft-pink clothing. It’s been lots of fun, and we’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of really cool places.

“Recently, I was around at my friend Suse’s place, and we were mucking about with the songs, deconstructing them, making some more minimal, blissed-out, harmony-driven versions. We recorded them, and they sounded really great. It got me thinking it would be cool to do a run of shows – in more intimate, cosy spaces – where we perform these musical regurgitations. So, we’ve put together some dates across the UK in November and December which I’ve obnoxiously entitled the Winter Rewind Acid Reflux Tour. Suse is gonna be joining me, as will my pal John B. McKenna – who will also open each show, with a special Monoganon performance. We’re gonna make the shows suitably festive and merry, so it would be very nice indeed to have your company.”

 Tickets for this show are £10 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


 The Surfing Magazines
(The Wave Pictures / Slow Club)
The Crescent, York
Sunday 17th December, 7.30pm

 The Surfing Magazines recently released their fab debut album on Moshi Mosh, touring briefly and playing End Of the Road Festival in the summer. Consisting of David Tattersall and Franic Rozycki of The Wave Pictures, Charles Watson of Slow Club and drummer Dominic Brider, the band have added a select few dates including this one in The Crescent in York.

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Not content with their already ferocious work rate, with three album releases in 2016 alone and over twenty in total between them; members of The Wave Pictures and Slow Club’s 11-track debut as Surfing Magazines is an intriguing and exciting mishmash of musical styles – soundtrack surf, weird pop and Americana.

Speaking on ‘Lines and Shadows’, the first track revealed from the record, the band incorporate a quote from writer Dashiel Hammett whilst speaking on the track:

“The problem with putting two and two together is that sometimes you get four, and sometimes you get twenty-two [Hammett]. This is definitely the type of song that puts two and two together and gets twenty-two.”

Pulling in influence from all of the great surf music of the 60s and the band’s musical inspirations of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, the band are professedly ‘at war’ with today’s pretentious prog-indie-rock millionaires and bongo pop demigods. They intend to ‘rock out and blow your mind, and then mellow out and soothe your mind, then rock out again’.

 Tickets for this show are £9 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


The Deslondes
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Monday 22nd January, 7.30pm

The Deslondes return with their latest album Hurry Home via New West Records. The 13-song set continues their studied and inventive take on New Orleans country and R&B but also represents a sonic shift with a more electrified sound. Long combining elements of early Stax, Sun, and Atlantic Records with the influence of a more raw, stripped-down sound gleaned off field recordings from Alan Lomax and the Mississippi Records catalog, the band have now incorporated psychedelic flourishes that bring to mind the sonic experimentation of Joe Meek, Lee Hazlewood and The Velvet Underground.

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For Hurry Home, the band split up songwriting and lead vocal duties among its five members, Sam Doores, Riley Downing, Dan Cutler, John James Tourville, and Cameron Snyder, continuing its democratic ethos and musical versatility.

Named after the street in the Holy Cross neighborhood of New Orleans where the band first came together, The Deslondes have continued to tour relentlessly since Doores and Cutler departed their roles in Hurray For The Riff Raff to focus entirely on the band. The Deslondes met up last winter at New West Records’ studio and rehearsal space in Athens, GA., and recorded everything for five days, working out new songs and arrangements. With a batch of 20 new songs, they invited their longtime producer & engineer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker) to New Orleans to begin tracking that summer, creating a makeshift recording studio at The Tigermen Den in the Bywater neighborhood. The album that emerged was Hurry Home. “It’s a fitting title for this album because our lives and our songwriting revolve around leaving and returning, or searching for, home,” says the band. “And home can be a physical place, a relationship, or a state of mind.”  

Recordings from the early sessions, including Just In Love, Muddy Water, and Better Be Lonely, bear the mark of a hot New Orleans summer: a lack-of air conditioning, and creaky wood floors, which yield a languid, dreamy sound. Elsewhere on the New Orleans sessions is the feel of the city’s classic R&B, music made for dancing like Sad Song and Hurricane Shakedown. Over several sessions back at Tokic’s Nashville studio during the Fall of 2016, The Deslondes finalized the album, pushing their sound forward with new tracks like Nelly and the gospel-influenced title track. Downing’s songs bookend the album: the wistful opener, Muddy Water, recalling the “small town kids” of his Missouri childhood; and the closing ballad, Déjà Vu And A Blue Moon, which he says is “an ode to those who've spent a lot of time on the road, and maybe they always will.”

A must-see live act, The Deslondes have toured the country extensively and have supported the Alabama Shakes, Hurray For The Riff Raff, The Lumineers, John Fullbright, Michael Kiwanuka and more.

Tickets for this show are £12 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from Crash Records and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


Lina Tullgren
The Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Friday 9th February, 7.30pm 

Lina Tullgren is from Southern Maine just over the border of the northernmost seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s an unexpected location for artistic incubation, but osmosis is bound to occur when you grow up surrounded by family, friends, and weirdos interacting at all times with their own interpretations of creative output. Shifting in trainings and traditions, the 23 year old eventually found herself a voice with the electric guitar, uniquely flavored and shaped from the many years of fiddle lessons and classical technique. The shifts in genre and instrumentation are stark, but important for her growth as a songwriter. Lina’s morphing interaction with music has mirrored a growing determination to harness her ability to melodically and lyrically express complex emotions - a rare gift at such a young age.

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With 2016’s Wishlist EP – recorded to tape at the home of band mate Ty Ueda – Lina proved an ability to craft simple, introspective and succinct songs, each one a pulsing glow leaving you both hollow and whole, alone but never lonely. It is on Lina’s debut album Won that we reap the full rewards of this newfound confidence in expression and rejection of internal hesitation. “The writing doesn’t necessarily get easier, but I feel more comfortable tapping into emotions and going to those places that need to be written about. Won, as it turned out, is the product that I have been hearing and picturing in my head as I write and listen to music.” It is the product of what happens when you push past the fear of what it means to think out loud – to become accountable for your internal struggles by way of manifesting your ideas into songs that are then free to grow apart from you, to exist on their own while always remaining specifically implicative of you. Now backed by a full band, each track manages to remain piercingly intimate, sometimes brief, and always honest, while gaining a wholly new sense of gestation both sonically and lyrically.

“I am all the wiser now / Now that I accept my fate”. The album starts off with this charging declaration just as the first drums kick in on opener “Asktell”. It’s clear throughout that Lina’s awareness of her internal shift is folded into every corner of these songs. The move towards working with a full band, the deliberate force with which her often quaveringly raw vocals are delivered, and the lyrics themselves, are all constantly functioning to process and take stock of an updated self. Which is not to say this is an album of concise reflections or black-and-white conclusions. The darkly punctuated “Summer Sleeper” rolls in with one of the more concrete claims Lina presents us with lyrically: “On letting go / It’s only as good as you want it to be / Only as bad as you make it”. This is an album insistent on the consideration of perspective above all else.

The album art, a reference to the historical practice of photographing ectoplasm expulsion, acts as a visual representation of the internal changes and newly gained perspectives precipitated by the writing and recording of this debut album. “Writing this record was a lot of looking inward at myself with close eyes. Figuring out what I had to get rid of and what I had to keep. I like the idea of an ectoplasm being something you’re expelling. That you’re getting rid of because it shouldn’t be inside you anymore.”

Though at a certain point, growth is not just a process of replacing old selves with new, but often simply an act of expansion. Won in many ways continues to dig through Lina’s preoccupation with the search for home. “How do you find a home when your home won’t leave you alone?” It’s a deceptively loaded question sewn gracefully into the haunting and sparse track “Face Off”. And whether “home” means a relationship, a physical space, a mentality, or emotion, that’s up to the listener. As Lina puts it, “It’s a record for me, but it’s also for everyone else. I don’t claim to be totally emotionally stable, or smart in relationships, or always very conscientious of others, but this record is me reaching out and trying and maybe sometimes I lose but sometimes I win.”

Tickets for this show are £6.50 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


 Catholic Action
The Fulford Arms, York
Sunday 4th March, 7.30pm. £7adv

 We're working with our buddies at Northern Radar to promote a debut York headline show for this off-the-wall Glasgow art-rock band featuring Chris McCrory, formally of Casual Sex.

Glasgow’s Catholic Action have announced the release of their debut album In Memory Of. It's a vibrant collection of guitar-pop anthems, In Memory Of shines with pop-smarts, clever hooks and confidence rarely seen in a new act. 

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Following a string of lauded singles, Catholic Action announce the debut record with brand new song ‘Propaganda’. A breakneck paced slab of punked up art-rock, ‘Propaganda’ typifies Catholic Action’s penchant for penning instantly memorable pop nuggets, with a sardonic and knowing sense of self. Listen to ‘Propaganda’ now.

Catholic Action have soaked up the history of Scottish music across the ages whilst crafting an sound of their own. For each Belle & Sebastian witticism or Teenage Fanclub melody, there’s a unpredictable flash of their own brand of glam-noise. Opening track ‘L.U.V.’ is a glorious example of Catholic Action’s angular approach to pop, while ‘Breakfast’ is a Pavement-esque stomper, if Malkmus had favoured Glasgow over sunnier climes. ‘The Shallows’ is one In Memory Of’s biggest moments, with it’s festival ready, sing-along chorus while ‘New Year’ and ‘Doing Well’ battle each other for the album’s biggest earworm. Album closer ‘Stars and Stripes’ brings together all of the album’s different elements and already feels like a classic in the making.

Catholic Action formed in 2014 and quickly began making a name for them in Glasgow fertile music scene. Already a producer in his own right, as well as drummer in similarly lauded act Casual Sex, singer and guitarist Chris McCrory quickly began writing songs with a unique character and instant appeal. The band have received incredible support from BBC Radio 1 with their first two singles, as well as earning them spots at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and SXSW with BBC Introducing.

Tickets for this show are £7 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from the venue, Earworm Records in York and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


The Monochrome Set
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Friday 23rd March, 7.30pm

Featuring original members Bid (Guitar/Vocals) and Andy Warren (bass) with John Paul Moran (keyboards) and Mike Urban, who was previously in the band in the early 90s, on drums, The Monochrome Set formed in 1978 and were heavily influential in the 'post-punk' scene that evolved after the initial scorched earth of punk.

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The band's early releases were on the legendary Rough Trade Label before signing with Virgin offshoot Din Disc. They also released several albums on the Cherry Red label, making a notable appearance on that labels' well known 'Pillows and Prayers' compilation.

Though The Monochrome Set split in 1985 the next decade saw several reunions for both live gigs and further studio recordings, their album release count now being well into double figures.

After a hiatus of over a decade the band reformed full time in 2010 and have since toured all over the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, whilst also releasing four new, critically acclaimed, studio albums, the most recent, 'Cosmonaut', on the German 'Tapete' label in September 2016.

Tickets for this show are £12 in advance.
You can get tickets in person from Crash Records and Jumbo Records in Leeds or online from here.


 Lilly Hiatt
Gullivers, Manchester
Thursday 19th April, 7.30pm

We're excited to be working with Lilly for the first time in Manchester in April. Her new album Trinity Lane is great.

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Hiatt’s love of the ‘90s alt-rock she was raised on shines through on Trinity Lane in the distressed guitars and urgent backbeats. She cites the Pixies, Breeders, Dinosaur Jr., and her favorite, Pearl Jam as influences, but there is also something distinctly Americana lurking in the songs. After moving out of an ex’s house, Hiatt settled into a new apartment off of Trinity Lane in her East Nashville neighborhood and went on tour with friend John Moreland to the West Coast and back. The intensely personal, autobiographical album was written largely upon her return, in isolation, facing the issues she escaped while on the road. Every time she wanted a man, she picked up her guitar. Every time she wanted a drink, she picked up her guitar. Hiatt says, "Love will take you to the darkest places but also the most honest places if you let it. Learning how to love myself is something I’ve always been lousy with, and I spent some time on that. I thought about my sobriety, what that means to me, the struggles I’d had throughout the years, since I was a 27-year-old and hung up my toxic drinking habit. I thought about my mother, who took her own life when I was a baby, not far from my age at 30 years old, and I related to her more than ever. As you can see, there was plenty of time spent on my own. I didn’t talk to that many folks, albeit a few close friends, and leaned into my family. I stayed away from men, and danced alone in the evenings, looking out my window observing my humble and lively neighborhood. I found power in being by myself. I found peace in the people I was surrounded with - we didn’t really know one another, but we smiled when passed on the street. One time I almost rear-ended an older woman in her car backing out of my driveway and I said, ‘Oh man, I’m just not used to any cars coming around this bend. She replied, ‘This is our little hideout, baby,’ And it really was." She continues, "After a while, I had all these songs to play, and wanted to share them. I wanted to get out of town to get some distance from everything, so after an ongoing conversation with Michael Trent, I took my band to Johns Island, SC and we holed up for a few weeks. I poured my heart out, and trusted them with it, and these guys gave it right back. I think we all understood what it’s like to question home, intention, demons, love...I think most people understand that."

Lilly Hiatt is set to return with Trinity Lane on August 25th, 2017. The 12-song set was produced by Michael Trent of Shovels & Rope and engineered by Andy Dixon at Trent’s Studio Bees in Johns Island, SC. In addition to her backing band, Trent is featured as a musician throughout, and is joined by his wife and Shovels & Rope partner Cary Ann Hearst for backing vocals on "Everything I Had."

"Lilly is as real and honest of a songwriter as they come,” says Trent. “Fearless and thoughtful and a total joy to be around." NPR Music is premiering the full album as a “First Listen," stating, "On Trinity Lane, the third album by this fixture of Nashville's indie scene and first for New West...she's devoted to excruciatingly revealing expression, deftly manipulating the tone and perspective of her songwriting from track to track. Her treatment of pain can, remarkably, feel both considered and diaristic." They continue, "Her willingness to portray herself in moments of anger or neediness that others might deem unseemly, particularly coming from a woman, and to examine gender divisions in emotional labor at close range, is courageous and affecting.”

Paste Magazine previously premiered the video for the album’s single "The Night David Bowie Died,” exclaiming that Trinity Lane is "going to be one for the books." Of the song, Hiatt offered, "The night David Bowie died, I was in disbelief. I wanted to talk to someone, but it was too late to make a phone call. I cried quietly and went to bed. The next day, I picked up my guitar and hit record on Garage Band. I started to sing and those were the first words that came out. I felt like Bowie was giving me a little gift."

"The daughter of John Hiatt, she keeps the family tradition alive, mixing Southern influences - Americana, folk and left-of-center country - with a raw approach that’s better suited to the garage than the saloon. The album’s title track is no exception...the song finds Hiatt making peace with her old demons, while guitars crash and pianos chime in the background. Trinity Lane' is an empowerment anthem stocked with details from Hiatt’s everyday life, from the name of her street to the smell of her neighbour’s cooking."
Rolling Stone Country

In celebration of the album’s release, Hiatt will embark on a North American headlining tour that kicks off August 24th in Lexington, KY followed by a Nashville release party on August 25th at Fond Object. She will also participate in the WEA/ADA Nashville Record Store Crawl on August 26th with an in-store performance at Grimey’s New & Preloved Music. While on tour, Hiatt will stop back through her hometown once more for an official showcase at the 18th annual AMERICANAFEST. She has also announced additional Fall dates in support of Old 97’s.

Tickets for this show are £10 in advance.
You can get tickets online from here.