Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wahey! As if 2012 wasn't going to be crazy enough, we've two more top shows for you today.

Firstly, magical Milwaukee pop trio JAILL are in the UK for the first time in September celebrating their ace new record on Sub Pop. Only six UK shows, and one of them is for Please Please You in Stereo on Sept. 30th. 

They're utterly brilliant, there's the video for 'Perfect Ten' below and you can also listen to the full record on Soundcloud now over here.

Our other show is in The Basement on Sept. 3rd, and is a great Chemikal Underground double header. 

Former Delgados singer and a current member of folk group The Burns Unit alongside King Creosote , EMMA POLLOCK will perform solo, and almost certainly with support, the wonderful RM HUBBERT. Hubby was last in York supporting Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, and it's been a few years for Emma too. There's a video of the two of them collaborating on RM Hubbert's recent album, 'Thirteen Lost & Found' below.


There's more to come next week too!

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