Friday, 29 July 2011

Next Show: August 7th The Duchess

To celebrate six years of existence, Please Please You, one of York's longest running independent musical parties, are putting on a bunch of their favourite acts from York and beyond. Here's what they have to say on the entertainment...

Azuma Vega only occasionally make an appearance anywhere, and it's always a pleasure to have them. Their sludgy guitar pop meets college rock racket is a winning combination, I guess in...fluenced by the biggies, Pavement, Sonic Youth, The Melvins and Black Sabbath, but honed so finely that their noise could only be, their noise. An absolutely brilliant, and criminally underrated maelstrom of edgy guitars, heavy bass, pounding drums and vibrant pop songs. In our opinion they are one of the finest acts to come out of York in living memory.​mavega​allins/azuma-vega-medley-a​-few-tunes

Three boys, two from the north west and one Yorkie, make up Avenging Force. Since their awesome, rifftastic, 'Who' inspired, Steve Albini recorded debut album a couple of years back, The Force took some time away, re-grouped and are ready to shake venues to the floor once again. Musically, they've morphed into a whole new beast, and it's better than ever. Expect some sonically brutal, funked up, hypno-groove rockin' that'll make you dance as much as any rock trio ever could.​tists-avenging%20force.htm

Honeytone Cody, currently a trio, are more honed and sophisticated as they've ever been. They've a new EP set to drop any minute, which, judging from recent live performances, will feature their best set of songs yet. With heavy, tight-ass, percussive foundations, rock solid bass, intricate, layered guitar and heavenly vocals, every tune is balanced perfectly. Sometimes beautiful, hugely expansive and often highly propulsive rock 'n' roll.​ges/Honeytone-Cody/9148608​115

We've been raving about this Missing Kids pair for some time now. Just drums, a guitar, dual vocals and some brilliant songs. In the last year, they've released their debut EP for Sea Records and have another in the pipeline. Riffy indie-pop of the finest kind. We bloody love em.​ges/Missing-Kids/145003188​878514

Where's Hollywood? are new kinds on the block comparatively. Having only played a handful of shows, this instrumental four piece are already a shining light in the cities music scene. Their three guitarists play off each other with expertise beyond their years. Tapping, riffing and tickling the strings to form songs with heavy dynamics, fine melodies and plenty of rawk.​ges/Wheres-Hollywood/16452​1466900966​es-hollywood

Another bunch who've not been together long, but already Burning Fences are a fucking good band. Combining a heady mix of spaced out monotony, propulsive drumming and the best guitar freakouts this side of the west coast, the rock-drone delivered here works perfectly with the accompanied song and voice. Really shit-hot, and better every time we see em.​ges/Burning-Fences/1622979​67168891


We'd also like to mention our buddies Fawn Spots, who would most certainly be playing this show if they could. They're a special pair, evidence of which can be found here.​wn.Spots

Tickets are a bargain at £4adv/£6otd. You can grab them from The Duchess in person or online at the link below.​/user/?region=gb_northeast​&query=detail&interface=du​chessvenue&event=456227

Doors open at 5pm, first band 5.30pm, curfew 11pm.

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