Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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Apr. 13th - Fawn Spots, Slushy Guts, Sombre + Miaow Miaow
- The Basement - York

Wo-haaa! Just what everyone's been begging for, the noise-niks no one's talking about, Fawn Spots, return to the scene of their most violent crimes for a headline show. Supports with The Vaccines and Nodzzz have woken a few up to their ace-ness and they open for Times New Viking at the end of April too. Delivering hyperactive, effect's drenched pop-ditties with the fever of the early SST bands, their often dramatic, always enter...taining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of early college rock, eighties American punk and the lo-fi/noise resurgence of recent times.


Three awesome supports too. Slushy Guts is Londoner Steve Keane. Gently picked electric guitar, fuzzy electronic noise and beautiful, thoughtful song-writing makes for a pretty special whole. Steve also designed this, and many other ace posters which you can look at here

Sombre are three crazy talented young chaps from York. Sweet, melodic and tuneful slow-core which never feels excessive or over the top. This is only their fourth gig, they are only sixteen, and already better than 99% of the rest of the bands out there.


Describing the utter lunacy that is Miaow Miaow seems a little counter-productive. Evidently beyond insane, the party vibe will be in full effect the moment Pete Wise and Aled Hayward take the stage, with added disco. If they don't make you smile I'll eat my hat.


Pictures are a ridiclously cheap £2 in advance, and £3 on the door. You can grab them from The Basement in person, or online here.

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